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It’s getting increasingly hot outside. Major League Baseball concluded it’s All-Star break and will be heading into it’s home stretch shortly. And there’s a fresh wave of optimism sweeping the country. All signs point to the beginning of training camp and a new season of football.

With every new season comes fresh hope and following last year’s debacle, Bears fans are eager to kick off a new season with a clean slate. There are, of course, causes for concern which I will get into in an upcoming post, but for now, I wanted to introduce this blog.

I’m eager to dive into the blogging world and share my thoughts about the greatest game ever invented and I would like to hear from you, fellow Bears fans, about your views and opinions as well.

A couple of ground rules I must lay out first:

First and foremost, I believe in the right of every person to have his or her own opinion and the ability to express that opinion.

Secondly, I will never turn away a comment from a visitor simply if they disagree with me. I recognize the God-given right of every fan to express his or her views openly.

Third, while I am eager to hear from visitors, I must insist that all comments be made in a courteous, conscientious manner. In other words, don’t just shoot from the hip. As competitive souls — we’re football fans, after all — we sometimes let our emotions get the better of us and we use profanity-laded dialogue and unsubstantiated facts and figures with little to no merit.

If you have a difference of opinion, I encourage you to make arguments with me or other visitors, but refrain from fighting. If you don’t know the difference, let me explain. Fighting is an unconstructive verbal exchange in which two people use emotions as a means to get their points across rather than ironclad facts. Arguments, on the other hand, are debates backed up by facts and figures and are presented in an orderly and civil manner while each participant respects the other’s opinion even if they don’t necessarily agree with it.

As a result of this era’s spammers, fight-provokers, juvenile adults, and otherwise cowardly losers who hide behind their keyboards and monitors, comments must first be approved by me before they appear on the site.

Now, with all the formalities out of the way, let’s get this blog — as well as the 2008 Bears season — started right!

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