Graham overtaking McBride?

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Last season, when Nathan Vasher missed 12 games with a groin injury, rookie cornerback Trumaine McBride started in his place and actually played admirably. So much so, in fact, that sports talk shows were flooded with calls from eager Bears fans claiming they had the remedy to fix the injury-depleted and safety-deprived defensive backfield.

“Start McBride at cornerback when Vasher is healthy and move Peanut Tillman to safety.”

A novel idea to say the least but not exactly what you want to do with a pretty good cornerback in his prime. It’s not unheard of to move cornerbacks to safeties later in their careers, but only when their cover skills begin to deteriorate.

It seems that Corey Graham may have leapfrogged McBride on the depth chart this off-season because Graham has been taking reps with the first team while Tillman’s been absent from training camp for personal reasons.

From what I hear, Graham has impressed coaches with his improvement and his mentality and it isn’t necessarily anything bad that McBride has done to become demoted. If this is the case, I don’t see this as anything but good news as it provides even greater depth for the defense and a brighter outlook to the future.

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