Devin Hester agreed to a 4-year contract extension through 2013 with the Bears.Devin Hester said Friday he chose to report to camp because he liked the direction in which his contract talks were heading, and apparently he and management were on the same page. The Bears and Hester agreed to a 4-year extension that will keep the star kick returner — and hopefully future All-Pro wide receiver with a little luck — in Chicago through 2013.

Based on the terms of the deal, Hester will receive $16 million guaranteed and will have to hit certain milestones on playing time and performance in order to collect a maximum $40 million on the contract.

After signing the deal, Hester felt a sense of relief and was actually on the practice field Sunday, even beating Charles Tillman for a long touchdown catch from Rex Grossman.

Following practice, Hester spoke with the media, and apparently he’s the one who initiated the the final round of the contract talks:

“I told Jerry it was a tough situation for me. Every day it’s killing me not to be out here. I said it’s so important for me to be out here because I know I’m losing a lot, all the mental reps and the reps at the beginning I’m missing. So can we figure out a way to come up with a deal and get it going and let’s play ball.”

To paraphrase a line from the movie Hoosiers:

“With Devin back, we’ve got all the pistons firing. We’re going to be a tough team to beat.” Let’s go Bears, get this train moving in the right direction.