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Brett Favre has filed his reinstatement paperwork.According to ESPN.com, Brett Favre has officially filed his reinstatement letter with the league office. All the weeks — and months — of speculation have reached a culmination. What it means is once Favre is officially reinstated, which could occur on Wednesday, the Packers will be forced to take action. If they don’t trade or release him, he’ll have the right to report to training camp and the Packers can’t keep him away.

This is a Bears blog, but topics like this are too juicy to pass up. For those of you who don’t know my official stance, I side with Brett Favre over the Green Bay Packers organization in this ongoing drama. He has the right to play football and the Packers would be stupid not to take him back.

I understand that Favre retired and the organization had to move on. But, the fact remains that Favre still gives the Packers a better chance to win than Aaron Rodgers does. And for a team that went to the NFC Championship game last year, you’d think they’d want to give it another crack with Favre at the helm.

By general manager Ted Thompson saying that the organization is ready to move on with Rodgers, he’s actually insinuating one of two things:

  1. That he truly believes Rodgers gives the team a better chance of winning than Favre (which would be career suicide on Thompson’s part, proving that he’s an ignoramus).
  2. That the team is in rebuilding mode (which would incite an uproar in Packer Nation because the team is not rebuilding).

As you can see, either option does not bode well for Thompson and the Packers organization, so they need to either bring Favre back and let him earn the starting job — which he’ll do by week two of the preseason — or they need to grant Favre the release that he’s asked for or trade him to a team he finds acceptable.

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