Bears’ Mannings related after all

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In a piece written by Mike Mulligan, whom I respect a great deal, of the Sun-Times, it is revealed that the Bears’ Ricky Manning Jr. and Danieal Manning are, in fact, related. They are distant cousins. Any time two players with the same surname are on a team together, it’s instinctive to wonder if they are related. At first, it was reported that there was no relation between the two players, but, as Mulligan writes, the two did some detective work to find out they did have a connection.

I find that quite humorous because they both came to the Bears in the off-season of 2006, but even more so because Danieal Manning has taken the nickelback job, a role that Ricky Manning has played the past few seasons.

What’s more ironic is that Danieal’s ascension to the starting job and Ricky’s demotion to third string will likely lead the Bears to trade Ricky similar to how they cast off Chris Harris during last year’s training camp.

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