Favre to a division rival?

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Brett Favre in a Bears jersey? It’ll never happen, right? Favre donning the purple helmet of the Vikings? Also unlikely. Or is it?

ESPN.com, among other media outlets, is reporting that the Packers are considering sending Favre to a division rival if they cannot find a trading partner outside the division or conference. A source close to the situation told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that it remains a possibility, but likely will be a last resort.

There’s also a report that the Packers tried to buy off Favre — with $20 million — to stay retired. Those sound like desperate measures from a team backed into a corner.

As a Bears fan, I can’t help but feel a bit of schadenfreude — or, taking pleasure in the Packers’ misfortunes, for the laypeople out there. For those who don’t understand the magnitude of this situation, let me put it in perspective: The Packers want to move on. They’ve made that commitment to Aaron Rodgers and they want to find out if he’s got any talent — I can help them out… he’s doesn’t — before they have to decide to re-sign him when he becomes a free agent. But they realize that if Favre reports to training camp and they force him to carry the clipboard, it’ll be a public relations disaster. Guys like general manager Ted Thompson and president Mark Murphy will live in infamy as the guys who cast off one of the best quarterbacks in league history. Packers fans would want to burn these guys at the stake.

Fans support Brett Favre.I honestly don’t see Favre in a navy or purple uniform, but, unlike a few weeks ago when I said I’d never see Favre in another uniform besides green and gold — and black, red, and white for one season early in his career — I truly believe Favre is destined to play elsewhere this season…

… and the Packers will suffer the agony of watching him succeed while their own Aaron Rodgers experiment goes down the toilet.

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