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Following the evening practice Wednesday night, offensive coordinator Ron Turner spoke to the media about the progress made by his offense. Here are a few noteworthy comments:

On wide receivers:

It depends how it unfolds, but I can see a lot of guys getting reps. Obviously we’re not going to have eight receivers when the season comes, but the guys we have, I could see all of them being involved, I really can. I don’t think it’ll be a situation where it’s just going to be two guys playing 90 percent of the time or three guys. I think if we have five or six, whatever we have, I can see them all getting a lot of playing time.

On rookie RB Matt Forte:

He’s going to continue to be a good player. He’s very mature for his age, very intelligent, very instinctive, and just kind of even-keeled. He’s got a tremendous amount of pride. He does not like to make mistakes. When he does make a mistake, he’s not real happy about it. He’s got a tremendous focus about him.

On rookie OT Chris Williams:

He needs to get back soon. He needed to get back a few days ago. Now, I’m not saying he can’t play because he hasn’t been here, but that position, offensive line, you’ve got to get work. He’s got to get the feel for the speed of the game and everything else, all the adjustments, everything else that comes with it, and the only way you can get it is being out there. Whenever he gets here, he’s going to compete and we’re going to put the best people on the field that we feel give us the best chance to beat the Colts.

On WR Devin Hester:

Last year was extremely difficult. When he went on the field everyone knew he was there and everyone was pointing to him, people in the stands, people on the field, everybody, so it was really hard. He had a very small package. Right now he’s on the field and we’re just calling it and right now I’m not even looking like Devin’s in so let me do this or let me do that. There are certain times we might do that, I’ll say put him in or whatever to make sure I see him in the huddle and I’ll call something, but for the most part, I’m just calling plays and we’re just running our offense and we want him to execute it. The rest of the game-planning and the other stuff will come later.

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