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When the Bears drafted Josh Beekman last year, I was excited because I knew the Bears were getting a good player. Sure, he’s undersized, but the man plays with a mean streak, something you can’t teach. When it comes to football, you either have the passion and intensity to play, or you don’t.

Say what you want about his size — he’s 6-foot-2 — Beekman’s smaller stature allows him to gain leverage. After all, look no further than the man Beekman filled in for the first few practices of training camp. Olin Kreutz, one of the best linemen the Bears have had since their Super Bowl team, is listed at the same height. It’s not the height that matters, it’s how low you can get and the motor that you use.

At the end of last season, I was discouraged that John St. Clair was moved inside to play guard, rather than giving Beekman valuable playing time. The two schools of thought there were that the Bears either felt Beekman was not ready to contribute or that they were grooming him to become Kreutz’ replacement one day.

This year, with Kretuz missing time early and now Terrence Metcalf schedule to undergo arthroscopic surgery on his knee, Beekman will get plenty of valuable reps with the first team offense and just might win the left guard spot if he plays with the mean streak I know he’s capable of.

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