And you thought Jerry Angelo was bad?

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For years, cynical Bears fans have lamented Jerry Angelo for his inability to draft offensive players, a franchise quarterback in particular. Websites have been launched and homemade signs have been put on display at games ridiculing Angelo and the Bears’ front office, demanding Angelo be fired.

Nevermind that Angelo has brought the city a pair of Pro Bowl caliber cornerbacks such as Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher.

Who cares about Pro Bowl defensive tackle Tommie Harris?

Lance Briggs? Bah, that Pro Bowler is no good.

How about Pro Bowl alternate Alex Brown? Ugh.

And don’t even get me started on Pro Bowl and All-World kick returner Devin Hester. I suppose he’s all right.

But, even with all that success, Bears fans still chide Angelo. And why? Because he hasn’t picked a solid offensive player in his 7 drafts with the team, outside of, possibly, Bernard Berrian and, hopefully, Hester and tight end Greg Olsen.

Average fans want to see offense. They want to see the ball flying downfield, not carried. They prefer a low college basketball score of 42-35, rather than a defensive slugfest, 14-7. They prefer to watch end zone dances instead of goal line stand celebrations.

That’s not to say fans don’t appreciate defensive excellence; it’s just that it’s not as exciting to them as good, consistent offense. Which is why the train wreck in Green Bay is so confounding.

The most consistent and statistically proficient quarterback in NFL history — who played one of his best seasons last year and still has at least two good years left in his aging body — tells the Packers he wants to return to virtually the same team that was a play away from Super Bowl XLII.

Their response? Go home, old man. We’re rebuilding with an unproven, untested quarterback.

If I were a Packer fan… ugh. Bad mental image. Let me rephrase that.

Our neighbors to the north have to be fuming right now, befuddled by the sheer ignorance and pompous defiance of team president Mark Murphy and general manager Ted Thompson. In a sport in which winning a championship is the ultimate — and sole — goal, one would think a man in Thompson’s professional position would agree to put off the development of Rodgers for at least one more season to make a run at the Super Bowl.

Bears fans, although some won’t admit it because their pride is standing in their way, would sell their livers on the black market for a quarterback the caliber of Brett Favre. And all the Packers front office had to say was, “Aaron, hold the clipboard, buddy. The legend is back for one more ride.”

Talk about stubborn arrogance.

So, I repeat to all the cynical, Angelo-bashing Bears fans out there:

And you thought Jerry Angelo was bad?

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