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Lovie Smith looks on as the Bears lose, 24-20, to Kansas City.While watching the Bears’ preseason game against Kansas City tonight, I took some notes during the game. I jotted down about 66 different tidbits, some good and some bad. Of course, I won’t go through each and every one of them, but here are some general thoughts based on what I observed:

  • Robbie Gould’s best kick was the first of the game when he kicked it a yard deep into the end zone and the coverage team stopped the returner at the 19. That’s what the coaching staff wants to see: deeper kickoffs. Consequently, his worst kickoff was his last one, which sailed out of bounce and cost the Bears the game-winning touchdown.
  • The Bears defense looked atrocious to open the game, giving up a 16-play, time-consuming drive that ended in a touchdown. But after that, the first team defense looked solid the rest of the time they were out there.
  • Kyle Orton probably got the better of Grossman in their battle tonight, but Grossman did not get as many plays with the first string offense as Lovie Smith said he would. Orton fumbled a ball while evading a pass rush and Grossman’s foot was stepped on by his guard and he fell backward to a chorus of boos. Both players looked sharp on several plays, though.
  • Matt Forte had a pretty good first game, but the offensive line needs some improvement.
  • Hester was on the field for a couple of punts but went nowhere with them. Danieal Manning and Earl Bennett both took kickoffs and neither one did much of anything.
  • There were still a few too many missed tackles — and sack attempts — for my liking.
  • Two of last year’s rookies that I was keeping an eye on — Trumaine McBride and Kevin Payne — both had shaky performances tonight. A couple of blown coverages and missed tackles that were glaring.
  • Garrett Wolfe looked like a kid on the playground against the Chiefs’ reserves. He scampered for a 42 yard gain and also caught a 25-yard catch-and-run touchdown pass from Grossman.
  • Rod Wilson set up the aforementioned touchdown catch by Wolfe with an interception of the Chiefs’ third-string QB.
  • The receivers as a whole played decent. There were a few notable plays: Mike Hass wowed the crowd with a leaping grab, the sure-handed Marty Booker dropped an easy catch that hit him in the hands, Brandon Lloyd showed good body control dragging his feet on a perfect deep-out pass from Grossman, and tight end Kellen Davis made a nice, sliding catch for a big first down. On the final drive of the game, Marcus Monk and Ryan Grice-Mullen, two players who already had slim chances of making the team, both made glaring errors. Monk bobbled a pass — two or three times on the same play — that could have given the Bears great field position to win the game. Grice-Mullen was flagged for illegal motion when he had to be told to line up on the line of scrimmage and moved forward while another player was already in motion.
  • And finally, Caleb Hanie may have made strides toward earning a roster spot with his impressive performance leading the offense down the field on multiple occasions. He made some great throws, including threading the needle for a touchdown to Brandon Rideau, and he also evaded the pass rush several times, even running for a first down on one of them.

As to be expected, there were some bonehead plays from both the Bears and the Chiefs, but former Chicago Rush receiver Bobby Sippio caught the go-ahead touchdown and the Chiefs held on to beat the Bears, 24-20.

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