Bears absorbing cheap shots, verbal abuse

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I love the Internet. I always have and always will. It’s one of my biggest passions in life. And yet, with every good thing, there must be at least some negative. One of my least favorite things about the Internet is that people can hide behind their keyboards. A 5-foot-5, 150-pound scrawny loser can use words to make himself sound like he’s a 6-foot-5, 225-pound bully.

Similarly, professional athletes who trash other players through the media are just as cowardly and disgraceful.

This week, the Bears have taken some shots from former players Muhsin Muhammad and Tank Johnson.

Muhammad, in an interview with SI’s Peter King, said, “That’s right. It’s where receivers go to die,” in reference to his three years in Chicago. Muhammad’s got some nerve talking down about the Bears when all he did in his short stint with the team was steal his $10 million signing bonus and drop passes. He was among the league leaders in that category while with the team.

I’ve got some advice for “Moose”… when the Bears come to visit you in Week 2, go over across the field and tell the Bears what you truly feel about them. Don’t do it through the media, coward. I would love to tell Moose this to his face because I’m no coward and I don’t hide behind my keyboard. Unfortunately, what are the chances I’ll be able to do that?

As for Johnson, he, too, took a swipe at the Bears’ passing game, specifically Rex Grossman, whom he called “brittle” and “soft” in an interview on CBS I’ve got news for Johnson. First of all, the whole “pick on Rex Grossman and call him a mental midget” game has already been played. And maybe it’s true. But are we really expected to sit here and listen to a pinhead who kept loaded weapons in a house with children?

If I could, I would confront Tank and tell him, “After everything you’ve done, you might want to consider keeping your mouth shut until your playing career is over… and then some.”

What’s he going to do? Sic his bodyguard on me? Oh wait, no. He was gunned down the night after Tank was arrested for his weapons charge and stupidly went out to a night club.

Whether they’re angry and bitter from being let go by the team or they’re just looking for trouble, both Moose and Tank need to keep their mouths shut. And i’m looking forward to Week 2 of the season in Carolina. There’d be nothing better than one of the Bears’ receivers scoring a touchdown and then mocking Muhammad’s idiotic, between-the-legs basketball dribble that he does when he scores.

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