Bears QBs atop the one important statistical category

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Say what you want about the Bears’ quarterbacks: they lack consistency, one doesn’t have the arm to make the necessary NFL throws but won’t make mistakes, the other has a cannon for an arm but suffers from brain farts. But Bears quarterbacks Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman are near the top of the single most important statistical category in all of sports. To paraphrase Al Davis, “They just win, baby.”

In an article from, blogged about by Brad Biggs on, Grossman and Orton’s combined 31-17 record “equals a winning percentage exceeded by only six active quarterbacks.”

Yeah, I know, the cynics will say that the Bears’ defense and special teams can be thanked for those winning records, but the realists — myself included — say that winning is the only thing that matters.

Unfortunately, we live in an era where offense is craved. If your team can’t put up points, you’re going to get booed, even if you win the game. It’s a sad fact, really. I’m sure there actually are Bears fans out there that would rather the team go 9-7 with a high-powered offense than go 13-3 with a team that wins games, 13-7.

It’s important to remember, Bears fans, particularly in a season like the one that lies ahead, that stats are for cowards, wimps, and losers. And fantasy geeks. Although, fantasy geeks usually are synonymous with the three aforementioned words. The only thing that matters is winning.

Bears fans like to boo Grossman for making poor decisions, but do you see the irony in that situation? Bears fans are using poor judgment by picking the wrong times to boo. Go ahead and boo Grossman or Orton if they throw a fourth quarter interception with under two minutes to play that costs the team the game. Don’t sit there booing either guy if the Bears are winning the game!

So, use some good judgment when deciding to boo our quarterbacks. Even though they make mistakes, those mistakes aren’t costly enough to give the game away. After all, they’re both winners.

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