Irony: an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.

I can think of several instances from tonight’s preseason game against the 49ers that fit the definition of irony. The first of which is something I wrote in my previous entry, the fact that Rex Grossman was booed for a few bad plays — and even for a smart play — and yet the entire defense played “like crap”, as Brian Urlacher said, and was forgiven rather quickly. But I won’t harp on that irony any more than I already have.

Other ironies include the loss to the 49ers, the complete breakdown of the defense — a unit that is supposed to keep the Bears afloat this season and win them games — and the surprisingly good-looking starting offense led by Kyle Orton.

Rashied Davis caught two touchdown passes from Kyle Orton.I’m proud of Orton’s performance. He did really well taking care of the ball and moving the offense down the field on a number of occasions. What I’m more pleased with was the protection by the offensive line. Because as we know, the offense won’t do anything this year without the line performing at the top of its game.

Rashied Davis looked sharp as he and Orton connected for two touchdown passes. I think it’s safe to say that he’ll get a lot of playing time in the regular season. Brandon Lloyd didn’t impress as much this week as he did last week on offense, but he did block a punt.

Both Matt Forte and Kevin Jones — in his first action as a Bear — looked sharp. Jones broke off a 34-yard gain on his first carry. Garrett Wolfe didn’t do much in a reduced role on offense and he fumbled a kickoff return.

I don’t even know where to begin on defense. In a game in which Mike Brown blew his coverage and was beat for a touchdown, Hunter Hillenmeyer couldn’t keep up with Vernon Davis for a deep sideline catch, Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs whiffed on the ball carrier on the same play just a few feet from each other, I can’t think of one player to single out for his individual performance. It’s not likely the offense will look as sharp in the regular season as it did tonight, and it certainly can’t carry the defense.

My overall feeling after tonight’s game is nervousness. The Bears look shaky on special teams, awful on defense, and we all know what their offense is really like. They have two weeks until the season opener and they still have a lot of work to do.