Quit booing Grossman; Let it go!

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It’s the third quarter right now and I’ll give my thoughts and observations after the game, but I had to take a moment to give my two cents on Rex Grossman. The fact that there are idiots — yes, I’m calling you idiots — at the game who are booing Grossman is just ridiculous. He was booed coming onto the field, he was booed when he almost threw an interception, and he was even booed when he threw the ball away — which was the smart thing to do!

You Bears fans give the rest of us a bad name and I’m sick and tired of your crying and moaning. Give the guy a break already. He’s the backup quarterback playing in a preseason game! A practice game! A game that means nothing and has no implications on the season. I’ve even read stories where Grossman’s family has received threats from these drunken imbeciles in the stands.

You fans are disgraceful and just bottom line bad human beings. For as much as the Bears are my life, all of this is still ultimately just a game, and I would never harrass a player simply because he’s struggling.

Check yourselves in the mirror and grow up.

UPDATE: The fact that the defense got gashed the entire game by a bad offense and didn’t even receive half of the boos that Grossman did shows the collective IQ of a bunch of drunken, juvenile idiots.

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