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Just like I did this morning with a text message to Laurence Holmes, I sent an email with the same context to Boers and Bernstein and they took it and ran with it.

To recap, the drunken meatheads at Soldier Field booed Rex Grossman vociferously Thursday night when he first ran onto the field and even after he made a smart play by throwing the ball away. I thought it was inappropriate and ill-timed, so I wrote a text message to Laurence Holmes and he referenced it this morning on his show, siding with me how it was foolish for fans to boo a guy who had been demoted and was no longer the starting quarterback. Not to mention, it was silly for them to boo a guy during a meaningless practice game.

I sent an email to Boers and Bernstein that was the same as the text I sent to Holmes, and while I wasn’t sure if they were referencing my email specifically — because I tuned in late — when I did turn them on at 2:30, they were in the middle of a conversation talking about exactly what I had emailed them, so I’m sure they had read my email off the air at the very least. They, too, sided with me and were ridiculing the Bears fans who wasted their time and breath booing Grossman.

To paraphrase Dan Bernstein, he said it makes no sense to boo a guy who is no longer the starter. He lost the competition and he won’t see the field this year. Although, I agree with Terry Boers, who said, it’s likely we’ll see Grossman at some point this season because the offensive line is so bad and Orton might get hurt. How many times have the Bears played only one quarterback for the full season in the last dozen years? Only once, and that was in 2006 with Grossman.

The guys also said how it was ridiculous that molesters and other criminals don’t receive as much negative attention as Grossman does. Some meatheads called in to defend their reasons for booing Grossman, but nobody gave any legitimately good reason for doing so. Many of the reasons given were, “We hate him because he’s a first round bust” and “he doesn’t look like he wants any part of this team” and “when he’s on the sideline, he sits by himself and doesn’t study the pictures”.

First of all, Grossman was the first guy to congratulate Orton as he came off the field following Orton’s two touchdowns, and, as Holmes reported, he was viewing pictures with Orton and Caleb Hanie during the game. Secondly, Grossman is understandably disappointed right now, but that doesn’t mean he wants nothing to do with this team. If you were in his place and were booed constantly by the fans and weren’t given a fair competition for the job even though you were told it would be a fair one, would you want anything to do with the team? But he does. And finally, can you make a case that he’s a bust? Sure. But as B&B said, how many other first and second round busts have come through these parts and not accomplished as much as Grossman has? Rashaan Salaam, Curtis Enis, Cade McNown, David Terrell, Marc Columbo, Michael Haynes, Cedric Benson. How many worse quarterbacks came through these parts? Henry Burris, Steve Stenstrom, Shane Matthews, Kordell Stewart, Chris Chandler, Craig Krenzel, Chad Hutchinson, Jonathan Quinn, Moses Moreno, Rick Mirer. None of these quarterbacks or first round busts have done anything better than Grossman, and yet none of them have been ridiculed and booed as much as Grossman has.

I’m appreciative that these three men feel the same way I did and that Holmes referenced my text message specifically. Maybe Boers and Bernstein read my email, too, but I wasn’t sure because I tuned in late. It’s good to see that at least these guys agree with me that — even though it’s every fan’s legitimate right to do anything they want at a game as long as it’s legal and not hurting anybody else — it’s foolish and a waste of time to boo a guy who lost the job and won’t see any more action as a Chicago Bear unless Orton gets injured.

Use some common sense, meatheads… if you have any.

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