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I want to send a shout out to my man, Laurence Holmes, of The Score. Last night, I was about as angry — and yet, ashamed — as a Bears fan can get, and I’m still a little disappointed. Bears fans booed Rex Grossman, unfairly, even when he made a smart decision to throw the ball away. You can read that entry here.

Since this blog is still fairly new, I wanted to get my opinion out more, so I sent a text message to Laurence this morning and he singled out my text and gave it some air time.

Some of his thoughts? He said it was silly for Bears fans to boo Grossman. The guy has already been demoted and doesn’t need to be booed. He’s the backup and won’t be in the game this year unless Orton is injured. Orton fans won. They don’t have to watch Grossman this year unless something unfortunate happens.

And, just as I said in my post last night, he said the IQ level was a little low and fans needed to be a bit smarter.

I appreciate Laurence addressing my text message and siding with me on this one.

Thanks, Laurence.

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