Rex Grossman vs. Kyle Orton: Fan Support

Published August 23, 2008 in News and Rumors

It wasn’t that long ago that Rex Grossman was revered by Bears fans. As they say, times have changed.

Bears fans supported Rex Grossman in 2005.

Anybody remember that Atlanta Falcons game from 2005? Here’s a video to jog your memory.

One thought on “Rex Grossman vs. Kyle Orton: Fan Support”

  1. What I hated that year was how the defense and Lovie Smith loosened up because of Grossman.

    Rex came in that Atlanta game,threw a few passes and all of a sudden the offense moved and the crowd loved it,but the defense from that game and on was less intense because with Kyle Orton they knew they were going to be on the field therefore they had to put more effort.

    The question is would they have held up?I think so.
    Kyle despite being a rookie that year and leading the Bears to many victories for the second spot of the NFC North just hit the rookie wall that day against Atlanta.Of course the crowd booing you doesn’t help but the fans were making a statement also.On the other hand the defense took pride by playing its game and holding opponents to an average of 9.sth points.

    Going back to that season Kyle had 3 really bad games(Bengals,Packers and Falcons).Other than those games for a rookie ,game management was very good and i nthe end the Bears found ways to win.

    But all Lovie had to see was Muhammad yelling at Ortons face for not making a right choice.If Mushin was a cool veteran he shouldve taken Orton aside and explain.The writing was on the wall for Orton that year.

    Had the Bears had Orton for than Carolina playoff game noway do the Bears lose in Soldier field.He wouldve managed the game to a low scoring game,where the Bears are good at,and not catch up be cause the D would^ve been on its heels all day long.

    Now,all I hope is for Kyle to show his real talent and football instincts and Im sure he will manage the games even better now.

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