Wilson’s injury frees up roster spot for another LB

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You never like to see a guy get injured, but if you had to find the upside to Rod Wilson’s season-ending injury, it’s that a position as deep as linebacker won’t suffer as much. It also leaves an open roster spot for a young player trying to make the team, even if it as the expense of the Bears’ special teams units.

As it stands now, the Bears have 8 linebackers on their roster: Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Hunter Hillenmeyer, Jamar Williams, Darrell McClover, Michael Okwo, Joey LaRocque, and Nick Roach.

Urlacher, Briggs, Hillenmeyer, and Williams are all locks while McClover solidified his chances with excellent special teams play throughout the preseason. The other three, Okwo, LaRocque, and Roach were all on the bubble fighting for a roster spot.

Wilson has to clear waivers first, and if he does, he’ll end up on the Bears’ injured reserve.

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