Is Angelo cracking under the pressure?

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo spoke to the media via a conference call with trainer Tim Bream, who is rarely made available to the media, so you can tell Angelo meant business.

On the docket? Rookie offensive lineman Chris Williams’ back injury. Angelo was attempting to clear the air once and for all about the uncertainty regarding how much knowledge the team had about any pre-existing back injuries for the first round pick.

Williams spoke to the media earlier this week and had this to say:

“I had a herniated disc before I got here. Everybody knew that. It just was a thing where with most people, it doesn’t affect [them]. It wasn’t affecting me. If nothing’s broke, you don’t fix it.”

Angelo, sensing that he was being portrayed as a liar by the media wanted to set things straight.

“Nobody was trying to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes,” Angelo said. “Nobody is covering their ass. Nobody is twisting the truth or embellishing it. I could give a [expletive]. I could give a [expletive]. If we screwed up, I would tell you, ‘We screwed up.’ Hey, if we said this was 50-50 and we just rolled the dice, I would tell you that.”

Angelo clearly appears on the defensive, leading some to wonder if he’s discovered that he may have made a mistake drafting Williams and was trying to protect his job.

“I’d like to think that we operate credibly,” Angelo went on to say. “What I told you is what our doctor told me. Our doctor said this is a new injury. We’re not having this press conference based on we’re running scared or we’re trying to cover our tracks. You guys had a conversation with Chris Williams. The question was posed to him. He was forthright with you. And it was written that we are lying.

“We’re just giving you the minutiae now of everything, which we normally don’t do. We don’t get into that, the nitty-gritty of everything we do, for reasons like this. We don’t want to get into these witch hunts. OK? But let’s clear the air.”

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