I was listening to Mike Mulligan and Brian Hanley on The Score on my way to work this morning and I heard a good story that I just had to pass along to those of you who haven’t heard it.

When Rudi Johnson arrived in Detroit after signing a 1-year contract with the Lions, he left his luggage alone while visiting with team officials. When he got back, his luggage was missing. So the team went to the security camera to see that, ironically, the person who stole the luggage was the player who lost his job to make room on the roster for Johnson — running back Tatum Bell.

Reportedly, Bell swiped the luggage and took it to an old girlfriend of his and asked her to watch it. She reported it, and when Bell was confronted about it later, he said he didn’t know the luggage belonged to Johnson. He said he thought the luggage belonged to somebody he knew and was just looking out for it.

Talk about being bitter.