Was just watching the Vikings-Packers game and, unfortunately, had to see this sign. I don’t even know where to begin mentioning what’s wrong with it. I guess we’ll start with the obvious… that Favre’s name is spelled wrong. Then we’ll move onto the ridiculous notion that Packers fans — at least this one in the picture — are actually saying they’d prefer to have Aaron Rodgers quarterbacking their team than an NFL legend. Packers fans are notorious for loving their players and calling them the best in the league at their respective positions until the team gets rid of them, and then those players suddenly become worthless and “no good”.

I guess you can make an argument that this particular Packers fan purposely spelled Favre’s name wrong to try to cast him as a nobody, but I just don’t think Packers fans are that smart. After all, they wear wedges of foam cheese on their heads.

If nothing else, at least this sign is unlike the 16 different “Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood” signs I saw. Yeah, that’s clever.

A fan states his or her preference for Aaron Rodgers over Brett Favre.