The Bears found themselves in a comfortable position entering the regular season. They were thrust into the limelight as the underdog, a role they’ve thrived in under Lovie Smith. And as the underdog, they were ranked near the bottom of all national power rankings.

With their dominating victory over the heavily-favored Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night, respect began pouring in.

Here’s a look at how various publications ranked the Bears following their victory.

Last week:
This week: 15
Explanation: They shocked the world in Indianapolis, and the health of their defense remains the key. (KS)

CBS Sportsline
Last week:
This week: 8
Explanation: Who saw what they did to the Colts coming? That was a physical beat-down. Matt Forte looks like a star in the making.

USA Today
Last week:
This week: 16
Explanation: Few expected such a strong start. Can they keep it up?

Fox Sports
Last week:
This week: 13
Explanation: Meet Kyle Orton, Game Manager. Feel no shame, Bearded Wonder … because this is the formula that could propel the Bears into the playoffs. And thankfully for Chicago, new RB Matt Forte has a forte for avoiding controversy, DUIs and opposing tacklers … unlike his predecessor.

Last week:
This week: 19
Explanation: They can’t really be as good as they looked Sunday night … can they?

Last week:
This week: 8
Explanation: Yes, I was impressed watching them tear Indy apart, until I heard this one-liner from one of the ESPN geniuses: “They’re just asking Kyle Orton to hold the fort and not screw things up.” I hate that almost as much as, “They’re trying to establish a running game,” or “Have a nice day.” Keep working on not screwing things up and you’ll have a nice, peaceful 9-7 record. Or maybe 8-8 if the ball bounces the wrong way a couple of times.

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