The Bears on Friday promoted linebacker Joey LaRocque from the practice squad to replace the injured Brandon McGowan, who was placed on IR after sustaining a season-ending injury. LaRocque’s activation to the 53-man roster will upgrade the special teams coverage, particularly on the kickoff team.

“Joey has great speed and that’s going to be a big asset for us on kickoffs,” linebacker Jamar Williams said. “[Opponents are] going to have a hard time trying to figure out what he’s going to do, what he wants to do. He’s going to make a lot of good plays for us.”

Elsewhere, Devin Hester has been listed as questionable on the injury report. As I said previously, he should sit this week out and not even risk it. Chicago Tribune’s David Haugh agrees. I have complete faith that the Bears can beat the Buccaneers without Hester, so he should sit out an extra week and hope to be ready for a bigger matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday night.

Also, Tampa Bay quarterback Brian Griese is looking forward to playing the Bears this week. As far as who has the advantage — him knowing the Bears defense or the Bears knowing him — Griese said, “I may know some of their individual players somewhat better than most, but other than that I don’t see a whole lot [of an advantage].”