The agent for Green Bay Packers cornerback Al Harris said his client suffered a torn spleen on Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys and is likely done for the season.

Sure, I’ve made fun of the guy before because of his long hair and I dislike him because he’s a member of the archrival Packers, but I have nothing but good things to say about how talented he is as a cornerback and how much the team will miss his presence if he’s gone for the year.

If Harris is indeed out for the remainder of the year, the Packers defense will have a glaring hole that can be exploited by opponents and make it all the more difficult to win games.

And in a trickle down effect, this provides one more opening for the Bears to make a run at the division title in a surprisingly weakened division.

However, I’m no fool. If the Bears continue to play the way they’ve played at the end of the Buccaneers and Panthers games, they’ll have a hard enough time getting to .500, let alone making a run at the division title.