Mike Brown has career game?

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As reported by the Sun-Times’ Brad Biggs, Bears safety Mike Brown was credited with a career-best 17 tackles in Sunday’s loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after coaches reviewed the game film.

Tackles are not an official NFL statistic and, as such, teams can skew the total in any way they see fit. For instance, NFL.com reported just 4 tackles and 2 assists for Brown.

Further adding to the head-scratching conundrum is that I cannot remember Brown having that big an impact in Sunday’s game. I certainly don’t remember his name being called that often.

To put it into comparison, everyone remembers Brian Urlacher’s herculean effort out in the desert against Arizona in 2006. Urlacher was flying all over the field on that Monday night and single-handedly willed his team to a 24-23 comeback win over the Cardinals to keep the Bears undefeated. I believe, off the top of my head, that he was credited with 25 tackles. That even seemed a little high, but makes a lot more sense than Brown’s quiet 17 on Sunday.

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