Bears continue to fall in power rankings

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Last week, the Bears hardly moved in the power rankings because most national experts knew they played the Panthers tough and it was a game they should have won. This week, while most of those same experts acknowledge they should have beaten the Buccaneers, the Bears weren’t given as much slack as they slid a little bit further down the rankings.

Last week: 15
This week: 20
Explanation: The Bears have led all three of their games in the fourth quarter. Good teams know how to finish. (KS)

Fox Sports
Last week: 13
This week: 18
Explanation: Chicago fans, players and coaches won’t forget Week 3 anytime soon. Blowing a 24-14 fourth-quarter lead to Brian Freaking Griese??? Not sacking him once all day??? No Bears players should be catching a nap in defensive meetings this week. COOL STAT: Rookie RB Matt Forte has 52% of the Bears’ offensive touches in ’08, leading the team in both carries and catches.

Last week: 11
This week: 16
Explanation: They play Philly on Sunday night, and I don’t like their chances. Orton against that snarling pack of hounds, for one thing. For another, it’s hard to recover from a grueling contest such as the one they just came from.

CBS Sportsline
Last week: 14
This week: 21
Explanation: They could easily be 3-0 if they hadn’t blown two fourth-quarter leads. That’s the type of thing that happens when you can’t pass it well enough to score a lot of points.

Last week: 16
This week: 20
Explanation: Is it just me, or does Kyle Orton’s beard make his arm stronger?

USA Today
Last week: 17
This week: 22
Explanation: They don’t want to be in the kind of shootout they lost to the Bucs.

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