Bears-Eagles halftime thoughts

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For the third time in four weeks, the Bears head into halftime with a lead. It’s now up to them to finish the game. If I had to guess what word was being tossed around in the locker room right now, it’d be FINISH. All three games, the Bears have held a fourth quarter lead. Let’s see if that holds true here and if they can close out the game.

I think Kyle Orton has handled the Eagles’ pressure really well tonight. He’s gotten sacked twice and has thrown one interception, but three touchdowns is nothing to complain about.

As a small tidbit, I thought Orton made a smart decision by telling Brandon Lloyd to hit the turf so the Bears didn’t have to burn a timeout when Lloyd was hobbling off the field with an injury.

Matt Forte’s 19 yards on 9 carries (2.1 average) is about right on par with what the Eagles have let up this year. I’d like to see them continue to run the football, but if the Eagles bottle it up — and I expect they will — then Orton better continue to make plays through the air.

That’s all for now, I need to save some analysis for after the game.

Let’s FINISH, Bears.

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