Bears-Eagles postgame thoughts

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Ugly wins count just the same. When the season is drawing to a close, no one is going to look back and say this win doesn’t count because it was ugly. And we can finally say that the Bears were able to finish.

Now, with all the pleasantries out of the way, let’s start pointing out where the team needs to get better. For starters, the Bears only put up 3 points in the second half. They also turned the ball over way too many times. A Kyle Orton interception in the red zone. An Orton-Kevin Jones fumbled exchange. Bad blocking, which caused Orton to fumble. A Devin Hester mental blunder, in which he picked up a punt that might have been heading for the end zone and lost about 8 yards on the return, pinning the Bears inside their 5-yard line.

After the defense let the previous two games slip away, it was good to see them come up with a huge goal line stand, and credit Alex Brown for his lateral pursuit down the line of scrimmage to stop Correll Buckhalter from getting into the end zone. Risky call by Andy Reid to go for it, sure, but I’d probably do the same. After all, the Bears were backed into a corner several times on offense and weren’t able to move the ball in the second half at all. So why wouldn’t you give it a chance and then count on your defense to prevent the Bears from getting a first down?

However, the choice backfired. They didn’t get in the end zone and the Bears were able to pick up a first down, which left the Eagles with a half-minute to try to score.

Look, we can pick apart the second half performance — such as Orton’s badly thrown balls — but the fact is that they won and the Bears are now 2-2 and in a tie with the Packers for first place. Hopefully, they’ll correct some things heading into a very winnable game next week, on the road in Detroit.

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