After a big prime time victory over one of the preseason NFC favorites, the media is buzzing. Here is some commentary following the Bears’ victory over the Eagles Sunday night:

The Bears had the ball at their own 39-yard line and a surprising 21-14 lead, usually football landmarks that remind Smith to conservatively take a knee. But not only did the Bears want more under those risky circumstances, they trusted Orton to get it… That, ladies and gentlemen, announced the end of Orton as an NFL game manager.
David Haugh, Chicago Tribune

The fourth-quarter goal-line stand, of course, was the big deal. The Eagles had three shots from the 1-yard line when they were down by four. Three shots, and they got nothing. Alex Brown roared in from the edge to grab and slam down Correll Buckhalter on fourth-and-goal… That might be the play, the series, that makes this season, but the Bears have too many weaknesses to make that big a statement.
Steve Rosenbloom, Chicago Tribune

When Orton was allowed to imitate a quarterback, when he wasn’t busy getting run over or coughing up the football, he looked good. Those are some pretty hefty qualifiers, but when you’ve watched poor quarterback play for as long as Chicago has, you take what you get, even if it’s a hint of something.
Rick Morrissey, Chicago Tribune

Just when the Bears’ defense looked finished, it put a finish to the team’s finishing problem in dramatic fashion Sunday night, stopping the Philadelphia Eagles with a late goal-line stand to earn a 24-20 victory.
Mike Mulligan, Sun-Times

The defense that wilted under a barrage of Brian Griese passes last week rose up to withstand three turnovers by quarterback Kyle Orton in the third quarter, allowing just three points out of it. But the test the Bears may look back on a few weeks from now — if they can use this as a launching point — will be the goal-line stand with four minutes left in the game. On third down from the 1-yard line, Correll Buckhalter went nowhere trying to dive into the end zone. His effort on fourth down was snuffed by defensive end Alex Brown and linebacker Lance Briggs.
Brad Biggs, Sun-Times

Indeed, what can we say now about a Bears team that is officially tied with Green Bay for first place in the NFC North? A team lucky not to have collapsed for a third consecutive game, falling to 1-3 in the process? Or, as Alex Brown asserted, are the Bears a few plays away from a 4-0 record?
Kevin Seifert,

No meltdowns for the Chicago Bears this time. Instead, they came up with a big stand… After blowing big leads against Carolina and Tampa Bay, the Bears hung on.
Andrew Seligman, Associated Press

This wasn’t the first big defensive stand Lance Briggs saw and he expects more to come from the Chicago Bears. It tops the list for now.
Canadian Press