Bears jump up rankings after win over Eagles

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After knocking off one of the top teams in the NFC, the Philadelphia Eagles — a media darling if ever there was one — the Bears were expected to make a jump in the national power rankings. They did just that, jumping as high as No. 10 in Dr. Z’s Sports Illustrated poll. However, I was a bit surprised that ESPN only moved the Bears up two spots, from 20 to 18.

Last week: 20
This week: 18
Explanation: The Bears hope they turned the corner in defeating Philadelphia. One thing is for certain: They showed important versatility on offense. (KS)

Fox Sports
Last week: 18
This week: 11
Explanation: Brian Urlacher and Co. can exhale after avoiding a third straight blown fourth-quarter lead, thanks to a heroic goal-line stand late in the fourth quarter against Philly. After a tough first quarter of the season, Da Bears must avoid any traps against softer competition on their upcoming back-to-back road games against Detroit and Atlanta.

Last week: 16
This week: 10
Explanation: They’re a defense-oriented, emotional team. Hard to keep that going every week, but I said that about their Super Bowl team, too. Why did teams run against their defense last year, whereas it’s so stout now? Too many pass rushers up front in ’07, prime example being Alex Brown benched for Mark Anderson. You saw what Brown looked like against the Eagles, the same stud he always was.

CBS Sportsline
Last week: 21
This week: 13
Explanation: If Kyle Orton can continue to grow they just might win that division. The pass defense had issues against the Eagles, which might be a concern down the road.

Last week: 20
This week: 13
Explanation: How much better is their defense when Mike Brown is healthy?

USA Today
Last week: 22
This week: 14
Explanation: Healthy defense could mean playoff return; team’s a few plays from being 4-0.

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