Baseball officially over in Chicago

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Welcome, Cubs fans! Welcome, White Sox fans!

This here is what we Bears fans like to call football season. Now, I know all of you were preoccupied with your respective teams during the past 10 weeks, but the Bears have been in action, too — preseason and training camp included. And while each of your teams were in first place for most of the entire season, most of you were saying, “Who needs the Bears? The (insert baseball team name here) are going all the way this year!”

So, you carelessly brushed the Bears aside and said you’d root for them once baseball was over.

Well, guess what? Baseball is over. At least, in Chicago it is, prematurely as always. So, as most of you wallow in self-pity and crawl toward the Bears — who are conveniently in first place — you look to take solace in the Monsters of the Midway to help take your mind off of another wasted baseball season.

There’s always room on the Bears bandwagon for some more fans. However, you’ll have to look for a seat in the back, because the front is all filled up.

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