If only Mark Anderson’s play on the field was as bold as his predictions.

”We’re heading to the Super Bowl,” the 2006 fifth round defensive end said. ”I really feel that way.”

That begs the question: does Anderson really believe the Bears are good enough to get to the Super Bowl, or is that typical NFL-speak? It’s only natural for NFL players to set their goals high and shoot for a championship, but many of those goals seem unrealistic. After all, only one team is crowned champions at the end of the season, and only two get to play for the Lombardi Trophy.

But if the players didn’t believe in themselves or their teammates, then what’s the point in playing, right?

I think it would be premature to say the Bears have a clear path to the Super Bowl. Sure, they’re 3-2 and in first place in the NFC North. But it’s a long season and injuries can happen. Not to mention, teams can collapse for no reason in particular.

I did mention previously that I felt there is tremendous parity in this year’s league. Aside from a handful of bad teams, the playing field is nearly level. I do think the Bears have a great chance to get to the playoffs, and from there, they have as good a shot as any to advance to the championship.

It’s a little bit odd to hear a backup defensive end claiming a ticket to Tampa Bay for Super Bowl XLIII, especially in the sixth week of the season. But I’d like to see that confidence from top to bottom in that locker room. And if the Bears offense continues to pull its weight, there’s no telling how this season will play out.