Bears schedule appears to be staying as is

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The NFL has announced that the Bears upcoming games against Green Bay on Nov. 16 and against Jacksonville on Dec. 7 will not be moved to prime time as part of the NFL’s flexible scheduling system for Sunday night games.

The only other games remaining on the Bears schedule which are subject to change to prime time are contests against St. Louis on Nov. 23 and the season finale against Houston on Dec. 28. Given that both of those teams are currently winless, it would take a remarkable turnaround by either team to cause the NFL to want to move those games to prime time. So, it appears the Bears’ schedule will remain as is.

The Bears still have three prime time games remaining: Sunday, Nov. 30 at Minnesota, Thursday, Nov. 11 at home against the Saints, and Monday, Dec. 22 at home versus the Packers. Only the Vikings game is subject to being changed to an afternoon contest, but both teams remain on course to keep that game a prime time matchup.

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