Expert Predictions for Bears-Falcons

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Curiosity led me to look around the web at different sports sites to see how experts were predicting this week’s Bears-Falcons game. The result is a majority of support for the Bears with some exceptions.

On ESPN, all but three — Fleming, Hoge, and Jaworski — pick the Bears to beat the Falcons.

All six experts on have picked the Bears.

SI’s Peter King has picked the Bears to win, 24-13.

CBS is a different story. Pete Prisco picks the Falcons to win, 27-24, citing the second of back-to-back road games as the reason for the loss. If that line of thinking holds up, then the Bears are in trouble because they have a three-game road trip coming up in November. But back-to-back road games don’t always spell trouble for teams. And as for their other experts, it’s hard to tell who they pick because they make their picks against the spread, but four of their six experts took the Falcons plus 2.5 points, which means if they think the Bears will win, they think it’ll be by less than 3 points.

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