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As I said in my previous entry, I recently upgraded my blog hosting service to a newer version, and as a result of that upgrade, it wiped out my previous template.

So I reconstructed the blog using a slightly different layout, and I’m happy to bring you the new changes.

First, the blog design is now wider and it will fit 1024×768 browsers, which is one of, if not the most common screen resolution.

Second, I changed the layout from two columns to three columns. In the left column, there are all the links you’ll need to browse through past blog entries. The middle column is the content column where you’ll find the posts. And the right column will now be the news column where you can read all the Bears news you need without leaving this blog.

I also wanted to alert you of the Google search just under the header image. You can search the web without leaving the blog. Also, there are three buttons: a Google one, MyYahoo, and MSN Live. If you have any of these custom pages, you can click on that button and add this blog’s RSS feed to one or more of those pages. You’ll then be able to see the latest headlines from this blog from your Google, MyYahoo, or MSN Live home pages.

Thanks for you patience as I reconstructed the layout!

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