Things do not look good for the Bears right now. The Bears are doing exactly what they planned on doing, which is stop the run and make Matt Ryan beat them. And right now, Ryan is doing just that.

I have to say, I’ve grown more respect for Ryan after seeing how composed he’s played in the first two quarters. Aside from bringing more pressure on him, I don’t know what else the Bears can do to stop him.

It’s not like the Bears are playing bad, either. It’s just that the Falcons are playing so well and executing their game plan to perfection.

One prominent cause for concern in the second half is that Charles Tillman appears like his day might be done. As Tom Thayer said on AM780, they took Peanut’s helmet away, and when a team does that, it is usually because the injury is serious and they don’t want the player going back in the game. Tillman appeared to walk off the field just fine without grimacing, but that doesn’t mean his shoulder — or whatever he injured — is game-ready.

Trumaine McBride hurt himself earlier in the game, too.

If Tillman can’t go, the starting corners will be Corey Graham and Marcus Hamilton. That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in any comeback attempt.

I think the only thing that can save the Bears now is the offense. In order to offset their injury woes on defense, the offense will need to sustain long drives and outscore the Falcons in the second half.