Bears-Falcons postgame thoughts

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Ouch. That one stings. And the worst thing about it, too, is that yet again, for the third time this season, the Bears gave away a game in which they had a fourth quarter lead. This time, it was a fourth quarter lead with 11 seconds remaining.

During the game, I was going through my head the things I would say in this entry, and I had to erase those thoughts twice.

My first thoughts were that I would have taken that type of loss had the Bears not made their comeback. As we know, they blew two fourth quarter leads earlier this season to the Panthers and Buccaneers, and that’s the worse way to lose. At least by losing and getting dominated while doing it, you can learn something from that.

Then, I changed my postgame thoughts to positive things about how tough and gritty the Bears offense was in making that comeback, and how it was a gift by Jason Elam for missing a chip shot field goal.

And finally, my third thoughts are that, once again, the Bears are regretting not “finishing”. If the Bears could finish, they’d be undefeated (6-0) right now, which is why I’m not going to panic over this loss.

As I stated in my halftime thoughts, the Bears executed their defensive game plan as intended. They stopped the running game, holding the league’s leading rusher, Michael Turner, to just 54 yards on 25 carries, a 2.1 average. And in doing that, they were basically saying, we want the rookie Matt Ryan to beat us. And guess what? He did. He did it all game long, and then he did it with one throw at the end of the game.

This is a bitter pill to swallow, but let’s look at the positives: they’re still tied for first in the division and they’re definitely good enough to win that division with 10 games remaining on their schedule.

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