Whistling a different tune?

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Just two days ago, Chicago Tribune’s David Haugh was already saying the Bears might regret blowing the game against Atlanta because it might cost them the playoffs.

Today, he writes that of the three teams tied in the NFC North — the Bears, Minnesota, and Green Bay — the Bears have the best chance of winning the division title.

Talk about a mood swing.

In response to his defeatist Monday article, I had written how it was too early for Bears fans to jump ship after just six games. There’s a full 2 1/2 months — 10 weeks — of football yet to be played.

Plus, we Bears fans can’t be focused on the wild card. Lovie Smith didn’t stroll up to the lecturn the day he was introduced as the Bears new head coach and say, “Our second goal is to win the wild card.” No, he said it was to “win the division”, and there’s no reason why the Bears can’t do just that when they’re currently sitting on top of the NFC North with a full 10 games to go.

It just goes to show you that emotions run high after a tough loss — and sometimes after rousing wins, too — and you just have to keep a level head and put things into perspective.

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