It looks like my pregame anxiety was warranted as the Bears’ defense is hanging off the ledge. Corey Graham has played okay — including picking up an interception — but he’s not Charles Tillman or Nathan Vasher. The kind of impact those guys can have in a game is immeasurable.

I don’t usually do this, but these guys have pushed my buttons this game. I’m calling out the defense and I sure as hell hope Lovie Smith and Bob Babich do the same in the locker room. Did anybody out there actually think they’d live to see the day when the Bears were depending on their offense to win the game for them? That side of the ball doesn’t even have any high-priced players. All the money is on the defensive side, and they’re the ones getting their butts whipped right now. Tommie Harris, Adewale Ogunleye, Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher… where the hell are you guys? Dusty Dvoracek has played well all season, but it was reported that he was on the sideline at the end of the half with some type of injury. Alex Brown has actually played okay this game, but what is with this unit? They have no confidence, no intensity, and no swagger.

The other thing the Bears can’t rely on is the special teams. Two of the Bears’ touchdowns are from the special teams, and we can’t count on that production to continue into the second half. Sure, the Bears are up by 3 at the half, but let’s make no mistake about it: the Vikings are right in position to take this game away. Their defense has actually played well in spots; the Bears’ defense has not. And at some point in the second half, the Bears’ special teams and offense will cool off, and that’s when the Vikings will take over the game if the Bears’ high-priced defense doesn’t step up.