Bears-Vikings pregame thoughts

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We have about 15 minutes until kickoff and I can’t help but feel a twinge of anxiety. And it’s not the normal butterflies I feel every Sunday — and have felt on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons as a player in the past.

I still maintain the Bears can and should win this game, but it’s a little unnerving to see the names of those players in the Bears secondary. Corey Graham and Trumaine McBride will be the starting cornerbacks. Marcus Hamilton and Zackary Bowman will be backing them up. No Charles Tillman. No Nathan Vasher. No Danieal Manning.

…and as I’m writing this, I’m watching Fox’s pregame show and Jay Glazer reports that McBride might not even make it the full game because he’s shaky, too.

It was an interesting side note after last week’s game, but it may become a reality this week should any other defensive backs get hurt: Rashied Davis or Devin Hester may have to line up in the secondary.

Like I said, if the rest of the Bears’ defenders do their job — the front four pressure Frerotte and the linebackers swarm Adrian Peterson — then the Bears still can win this game.

But right now, it doesn’t feel so good.

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