As the Bears’ performance on the field fluctuates from week to week, so does their position in the national power rankings. Only this week, different publications view their 48-41 victory over Minnesota differently.

Last week: 20
This week: 13
Explanation: The Bears are overcoming their defensive issues with, yes, a powerful passing offense. (KS)

Fox Sports
Last week: 13
This week: 8
Explanation: This is now Kyle Orton’s team. Completely. Knowing the Bears’ normally shutdown defense would be missing its three shutdown corners, Orton and the offense opened things up in a wild win against the Vikings — a critical game that preserves the Bears’ tie for first place in the NFC North.

Last week: 19
This week: 14
Explanation: Well, somehow they got by Gus Frerotte and his aerial circus with three cornerbacks out. I’d feel better about this team if it could beat someone with a winning record. Let’s see there’s Sunday against…oh oh, bye week…the following Sunday against, no scratch that, Detroit is up…OK, here it is. Tennessee at home. I’m making the Bears a 1½-point favorite in that one, and everyone will jump on the Titans, and, nope, I’m not giving it away right now.

CBS Sportsline
Last week: 21
This week: 18
Explanation: Lost in the 48 points they scored against Minnesota was the poor play of the defense. That has to change in the next nine games.

Last week: 16
This week: 13
Explanation: Did they really just give up 41 points and win, and does that say more about them or the Vikings?

USA Today
Last week: 20
This week: 15
Explanation: Kyle Orton has 10 touchdowns and four interceptions.