Bears-Lions halftime thoughts

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I was watching the pregame show on Fox this morning with Corey McPherrin and Tom Waddle as I do every Sunday and in Waddle’s Matchups segment, he basically said how this game was no contest and that the Bears should win easily.

My thoughts, however, have been that the second time you face a team in the same season, things are never as they were in the first contest. And we’re witnessing right now what I feared was a possibility: the Bears could become the Lions’ first victory, which is needless to say a shock and an embarrassment.

This Lions team is no good; let’s put it all on the table right now. They have some good players, but as a team? No good. So, for the Bears to be publicly depantsed — as 49ers coach Mike Singletary would say — is a complete failure.

Sure, they can come back and win, but it won’t be easy, especially with Kyle Orton likely to be out for the rest of the game with a knee injury. I’ve always had faith in Rex Grossman, but when the offense has been playing as well as it has this year, it’s not easy for a new quarterback to step right in and have success.

There are many fingers to point at a variety of people — Lovie Smith for not preparing his team, Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher for not being ready after coming back from injury, Devin Hester for fumbling on a kickoff return, the defensive line for applying minimal pressure — it’s just a complete failure.

I sure hope something spurs this team in the second half, but things don’t look good right now.

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