With their narrow victory over the Detroit Lions this week, the Bears inched up all the following power rankings save for one — USA Today’s. And all but one of the following power rankings are questioning whether or not the Bears can win with Rex Grossman under center.

Last week: 12
This week: 9
Explanation: The Bears face a huge question: Can Rex Grossman keep them in first place until Kyle Orton returns? (KS)

Fox Sports
Last week: 8
This week: 7
Explanation: Here’s another team who skated by against an awful team, but they really only had one stinker of a quarter when they gave up 23 points and lost their starting quarterback and safety to injuries. But the Bears toughed out the comeback win behind Rex “The Wonder Backup QB” Grossman. Of course he threw one interception, but did enough good things to avoid the upset. Good luck Rex against the ferocious Titans defense in Week 10.

Last week: 12
This week: 10
Explanation: On the final 55-yard drive that beat the Lions, 40 of the yards went to Forte. Got it? Forty to…never mind. My handicapping box in Sports Illustrated had them upsetting Tennessee Sunday. Well, it’s against the law for me to come off it and go the other way here, but I’m just not going to make it one of my super duper, guaranteed 40 percent winners, selections.

CBS Sportsline
Last week: 16
This week: 15
Explanation: It’s Rex Grossman’s time now. Kyle Orton is down. Grossman’s first start comes against that tough Tennessee defense. Good luck.

Last week: 10
This week: 9
Explanation: Are y’all ready for Sexy Rexy: The Sequel?

USA Today
Last week: 12
This week: 14
Explanation: Can the Bears maintain their momentum with Rex Grossman under center?