Bears general manager Jerry Angelo answered fans’ questions on Here’s a small sampling of Part 1 of the two part interview:

On Kyle Orton and a possible contract extension:

Kyle has done a really good job thus far, and we’re confident and hopeful that he’ll continue to do the things that have made us successful… But like all players that are coming into their own, they have to do it over a period of time before anything can be said for sure.

On the Bears’ pass defense:

The yardage we’re giving up in the passing game has been our Achilles’ heel on defense… we do need to get better in terms of our techniques… you need to spend time analyzing everything in all areas before you find a solution. That’s what we did during that off week and hopefully we’re going to start seeing better results.

On Devin Hester’s struggles in the return game:

We need to do a better job of helping him as well in terms of players around him holding their blocks longer and not drawing penalties.

On the most pleasant surprise:

I’m very happy with the way our offense has come together, particularly our offensive line. We had a lot of question marks coming out of training camp on how they would perform…

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