It took nine games for the Bears to lose a game that they weren’t winning in the fourth quarter, so Bears fans shouldn’t feel too upset about how the Bears have played up to this point.

With that said, they’re far from perfect and they have some serious soul-searching to do to figure out why they can’t stop anybody through the air.

I know the popular thing to do around Chicagoland will be to blame this on Rex Grossman, but he didn’t play all that terrible. He misfired on several passes, but he only made one mistake and that was the interception in the first half.

The real goats of this game were the defense. You can’t keep getting gashed by mediocre quarterbacks and expect to go far this season. Worst of all, they didn’t even give the Bears offense a chance to be successful. The Bears had 13 drives in this game. Three of those started inside their own 10-yard line, and another five of those drives began inside the 20. In the fourth quarter, all three of their drives started beyond the 30-yard line, and two of those drives began past the 40. By no coincidence, the Bears offense had one of their best quarters of the game and even scored a touchdown in the fourth period.

Bears fans like to use Grossman as a scapegoat, and while I admit he did not play well, this loss is pinned squarely on the defense’s shoulders. When you hold a team to 20 yards rushing, you ought to win that game. And I am fed up with the defensive line, particularly Adewale Ogunleye and Tommie Harris.

This disaster of a pass defense can’t and won’t be fixed by making adjustments. If they haven’t corrected the problems through nine weeks, what makes anyone think they can do it in the final seven games? Big changes need to be made this off-season, either by way of a new defensive coordinator, or different personnel.

To recap, Grossman completed 54% of his passes, threw for a touchdown and ran for a score, but this loss was all his fault. Nevermind that the defense was torched for 289 yards and two touchdowns while allowing Kerry Collins to complete 73% of his passes, and yet continues to get a free pass from the fans. I just wish Kyle Orton would come back this week because I’m sick of Bear Fan Retardation.