Bears-Packers halftime thoughts

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It’s not in my nature to agree with Joe Buck, but I happen to concur with him that it was a major mistake for the Bears to throw the ball on second down at the end of the half when they were backed up inside their 10-yard line. They could have run out the clock, but instead, the incomplete pass gave the Packers an extra timeout and cost the Bears 3 points.

So far, the game has gone how we expected it to go, with one exception. The Bears are uncharacteristically giving up too much on the ground. They’ve allowed the Packers to rush for 138 yards in the first half alone.

It’s too early to gauge whether the Bears’ pass defense has played any better because the Packers have run the ball so much, but early indications say they’re still having trouble in that department. The Packers have passed 14 times and Rodgers has completed 10 of those. One of the misses was an interception by Brian Urlacher.

On offense, Kyle Orton has taken what’s been given to him and he’s definitely keeping this unit stable. But, as expected, the Bears aren’t having much success against the Packers’ No. 3 pass defense.

By a show of hands, how many of you expected to see an Aaron Rodgers to Greg Jennings quick slant touchdown pass in the first quarter when the Packers were at the 3-yard line? Yep, I should see almost everybody’s hands go up. So, if we ignorant fans know a slant is coming, why don’t the Bears? And why was Corey Graham not ready for it?

I can go into a long diatribe about why this scheme the Bears’ defense is running no longer works in today’s NFL, but I won’t. At least, not yet. I’ll save that for a later post. But if the Bears don’t do something differently in the second half — namely, stopping the run — there’s no way they can come back.

Right now, the Vikings are leading the Buccaneers, 13-6, at halftime. If the Bears don’t figure out a way to play better defense, at the end of the day, they’ll be in third place in the NFC North looking up.

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