Bears-Packers postgame thoughts

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This is one of those days that you’re embarrassed to be a Bears fan.

The only good thing about a game like this is that it allows me to begin my “postgame thoughts” early. Because nothing the Bears do in the final 9 minutes of this game will change my thought process. So, with that, allow me to present my “fourth quarter thoughts”.

From the outset, this was a complete failure by the Bears on all sides of the ball. I was less upset about the outcome of the game — knowing full well the Bears were probably headed for a loss — than I was by the manner in which it took place.

Normally a stout run defense, the Bears were run over by a determined Packers offense. I was more concerned whether or not the Bears’ defensive line would get into the backfield to put pressure on Aaron Rodgers than I was about them defending the run.

They got into the backfield, all right — the defensive backfield. Pushed backwards on almost every running play, they were awful.

At the time of this sentence, the Packers have 178 net rushing yards. That’s pathetic. Football is a man’s game and you’ve got to have pride in yourself and your teammates to not get manhandled at the line of scrimmage.

Things weren’t much better defending the pass. Aaron Rodgers had 219 passing yards and 2 touchdowns midway through the fourth quarter.

Just hang your heads in shame, Bears. You screwed the pooch today.

I don’t have a single nice thing to say about the Bears offense. Orton completed 50% of his 30 passes for 148 yards. While not outright bad, that did little to help this offense move the ball. Matt Forte had 64 rushing yards midway through the fourth quarter, but 53 of those came in the first half.

And Devin Hester… go count your money. Because the Bears got robbed by you this off-season. I was happy to see the Bears put Danieal Manning in the game to return kickoffs in the fourth quarter. We saw how much he runs with a purpose and hopefully Hester learns something from him.

It’s hard to be objective when you see a performance like this. So, if you’re looking for some neutrality, catch tomorrow’s Monday Morning Quarterback, because I don’t have anything positive to say right now.

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