Stakes in Bears-Vikings game raised with Packers loss

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Nobody likes to be wrong, but a Packers defeat is a nice consolation prize for my predictions.

The Saints beat the Packers at home Monday night, 51-29, and with that, the Packers dropped one game behind the Bears and Vikings in the NFC North. As a result, the Bears-Vikings matchup on Sunday night will be for sole possession of first place in the division. And I maintain that this has to be one of the best Sunday night schedules picked by the NFL in many years. Good planning, or just lucky coincidence? Maybe a little of both.

Nothing is more important than this week’s game, but looking ahead, not only will the Packers game on Monday, Dec. 22 be a tough contest, but the Saints game on Thursday, Dec. 11 looks like it could be a nightmare. The Bears, who have one of the worst pass defenses in the league, look like they could have their hands full against the Saints’ prolific and possibly record-breaking offense.

But first things first, the Bears need to win this upcoming game against the Vikings to take control of the division, and that’ll be a tall order in and of itself.

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