Bears-Vikings postgame thoughts

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Once again, I get the privilege of writing my postgame thoughts during the fourth quarter and get them out of the way early.

There is absolutely nothing good to take away from this game. An NFL football game is 60 minutes long, which means the roughly 25 minutes of solid football the Bears played in the first half mean nothing.

They got embarrassed two weeks ago in Green Bay and now they were pummeled on national TV in Minnesota. As Bears fans, of course we’re going to root for the Bears to win the division and make the playoffs. Why else would we have spent all season watching them? But winning the division at this point would be a mere moral victory because this team cannot and will not beat whoever they’d face in the first round of the playoffs.

I’ve had about all I can handle with Devin Hester. Last year, it was okay to laugh at his stupidity on offense when Muhsin Muhammad used to have to tell him where to line up on every play. After all, he was a god on kickoff and punt returns and we forgave him easily. This year, however, he’s a pile of nothing. He’s an overpaid athlete — not a football player.

The Bears are going out of their way to try to get the ball in his hands — almost to a fault — because he’s the best athlete they have at wide receiver. But too many dropped passes, incorrect routes, and extreme mental errors are magnified by the fact that he’s no longer a good kick returner. What is he doing for this team besides retarding the progress of the offense?

Kyle Orton went about 200-some consecutive passes without throwing an interception, and he threw three in this game. Welcome back to reality, Orton. This is exactly why I strongly cautioned Bears fans — and certain members of the Chicago media — about wanting to extend Orton’s contract after half a season of success.

Ron Turner — can we stop with the fullback dives on third-and-short?

Once again, the defense failed to finish a play that led to an Adrian Peterson 59-yard run. All you have to do is put your arms around him and hold on until he’s on the ground and the whistle blows. That play — in which three Bears were standing around him and none of them wrapped him up — was less a physical mistake as it was a mental one. It’s just a temporary brain fart which should be easily corrected.

Minus that 59-yard run, Peterson had 72 yards on 27 carries. That’s a 2.6 average. You wrap him up on that one play, and the defense is being hailed for yet another solid effort against the run. Instead, now we have to listen to more of the same “Purple Jesus” garbage from Chicago media members like The Score’s Laurence Holmes, who has a man crush on him.

As Marty Booker once said: “If ‘if’ was a fifth, we’d all be drunk”. But I can’t stress enough how big this victory would have been if the Bears could have pulled it off. They’d not only be 2 games ahead of the Packers, but they’d also be 2 games up on the Vikings due to the head-to-head tie breaker. Now, they’re only a game ahead of the Packers and one game behind the Vikings with just four to go.

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