Vikings’ Williams Wall comes down

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The NFL suspended six players from three different teams on Tuesday for the final four games of the regular season for using a diuretic, which can serve as a masking agent for steroids.

Among those six players were both Pro Bowl defensive tackles for the Minnesota Vikings, Pat and Kevin Williams, the large duo that make up the “Williams Wall”.

The news could have a profound impact on the Bears’ playoff chances. Minnesota’s run defense figures to take a big hit and could be vulnerable in the final month of the season. That could open up the doors for some tough games and an increased chance of losses. The Bears are one game behind the Vikings in the NFC North and need to win more than the Vikings do to overtake them in the division.

The Vikings’ remaining schedule includes road games in Detroit and Arizona, followed by tough home games against Atlanta and the New York Giants.

The Bears have three straight home games against Jacksonville, New Orleans, and Green Bay, before concluding their regular season in Houston.

The Bears appear to have the easier schedule, but things certainly haven’t gone as expected this year.

The other four players to receive suspensions include the Saints’ Charles Grant, Deuce McAllister, and Will Smith, and the Texans’ Bryan Pittman.

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